Forgive Hitler or not… you decide?

15 Feb

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Of course forgiveness in concept is one thing, the application of it is a whole other story. Letting go of resentment (un-forgiveness) can be an excruciatingly painful pill to swallow. Forgiveness over-rides justice, although we still must deal with the consequences. Time is required for healing to occur and for trust to be slowly rebuilt.

Forgiveness is never the ideal choice, it’s the best (and perhaps only) choice you can make when all the options are terrible. In an ideal world it would be better if people just didn’t hut each other… but it’s not an ideal world…

Isn’t it strange how the ones we love hurt us the most… just part of being vulnerable and human..

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Lucky & Rich

19 Oct

Lucky & Rich is a story with a difference. It is a story with incredible heart, life and vitality. We wish to involve you in the telling of this story. Check out the rest of the site. More details coming soon.

Hollywood Boulevard

7 Mar

street dog songs
find their rhythm in my feet
as I’m walking down a path
down a boulevard of dreams
where it sure seems
that only dreams live.

there ain’t no star
on Hollywood Boulevard
for the Street Poet
or the 3 legged dog
but don’t you worry yourself
because… ┬áhe
don’t feel robbed
you don’t need a dream
or a star
to walk down
hollywood boulevard

all you need
is a song
and some soul in your feet
it’s the street dog songs
that keep me’
walking down these streets.

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